Monday, April 12, 2010

A fresh poem every Tuesday and that's just the start

Tuesday Poem kicks off tomorrow. This week's editor is Mary McCallum of O Audacious Book where the Tuesday Poem started four weeks ago.  Once you've read this Tuesday's Poem, try the Tuesday Poets on our blog list. There are 16 of them at present, and every Tuesday they will try to post a Tuesday Poem (one by them or someone else) and link it back to the Tuesday Poem hub. 

We think of it as Open Mike Night in the blogosphere. If the post title says 'Tuesday Poem' then click on it and read. To join us, email We are a New Zealand-based blog, but welcome all poets, and aim to be inclusive rather than exclusive. The aim of Tuesday Poem is to encourage people to read poems and to write poems. It gives poets a place to publish their work and builds a poetry community without borders. We have ten contributing editors who will take a turn each Tuesday to bring you a fresh Tuesday Poem. And here is our copyright license: 


Claire Beynon said...

Bless you for setting this in motion, Mary - there will be riches given and riches received... thank you. L, C

Tim Jones said...

It's exciting to see the list of poems grow in the left-hand margin as the day goes on - I like the way you've set this up, as well as the underlying idea!