Becoming a Tuesday Poet

  • Contributing to Tuesday Poem 
  • A fresh poem every Tuesday and that's just the start
Founders and curators Mary McCallum and Claire Beynon

Tuesday Poet - what to do:
Send Mary or Claire your blog or website url. The list of Tuesday Poets is limited to 30. We will look at your blog and your poems and decide if you will fit into our community. If the answer is 'yes' but there is no room, we will waitlist you. Otherwise, your blog link will go up on the blog roll immediately.

No blog?  Go to 'blogspot' or 'wordpress' or another blogger site and follow the instructions. If you need help email Mary or Claire. Once set up, email us the blog url. 

Commit to posting a poem every Tuesday - or fairly regularly within the month – a poem by you or one you have chosen and have permission to publish or one out of copyright. If you can't post for any reason, don't worry, the bloglist will show you don't have a Tuesday Poem that day. 

Note our Copyright License which protects your work from being adapted or being used elsewhere commercially unless you waive the rights. But it does mean that your poem cannot be used elsewhere as an 'unpublished work' once it's been published on your blog or the Tuesday Poem blog (or that's my understanding). ]


Each Tuesday: 
  • Post your poem with post title - 'Tuesday Poem: (title of poem/poet)'.  Tuesday Poem says you are posting a Tuesday Poem, the poem's title and author helps attract readers to your blog [there are 30 poets to choose from remember.] 
  • Post without preamble. It's vital blog readers get straight to the poem. 
  • Remember to say who the poem is by - in the post title or inside the post. 
  • Say which poetry collection the poem is from, that you have permission to use it [or it's out of copyright], and something, if you like, about the poem and poet. 
  • Use an image of a cover or the poet 
  • Important. Send readers back to the Tuesday Poem hub There are three ways to do this:      1. Write at the end of your post before your press PUBLISH: Visit the Tuesday Poem blog for more -                             2. Use the link tool on your blog: At the end of your post and before you press PUBLISH type 'Visit Tuesday Poem for more.'  Run your mouse over the words 'Tuesday Poem' so it's highlighted, click on a LINK instruction at the top of the box you are writing your post in (blogspot: it looks like a linked chain, and type in:         3. Use the Tuesday Poem quill :  In the LEFT SIDEBAR on TP there is our quill logo, click on 'here' - it takes you to Tuesday Poet Helen Heath's blog where you can copy the html [code] for the quill. Choose the size quill you want on your blog, then copy the html beside it.  
  • To put the quill in your SIDEBAR: Go to your blog DASHBOARD,  then DESIGN and LAYOUT. In the sidebar you can chose a GADGET, pick the one HTML/JAVA SCRIPT. Click on it and it will open. In the box write a title: 'Click on the quill',  and then click inside the box itself, click on EDIT in your tool bar at the top and then PASTE. The html should be there. SAVE. 
To put the quill in a BLOG POST: At the top of the BOX where you write your POST there are two tabs: EDIT HTML and COMPOSE - when you've finished writing your post, click on HTML - go right to the bottom of all the codes and language you see in the box, click, go to EDIT in your toolbar at the top of your screen, click, click PASTE and the HTML for the quill should appear. Click back on COMPOSE and you should the quill at the bottom of your post! PUBLISH.  
Go here for help. It includes how to add a gadget like the TP Quill. Or contact Mary McCallum or Claire Beynon.
  • NZ Poets, try scheduling your poem so it is posted just after midnight(12:01 AM) on Tuesday. Overseas Poets should try to schedule their poems so they are posted before midday Tuesday NZ Time to ensure a NZ readership. This is either 11 pm on Monday night or midnight for UK poets, and somewhere between 2- 5pm Monday for the US poets. 

TO SCHEDULE A POEM: At the bottom right of the edit box where you have written the post, click Post Options. At the right you will see 'Automatic' and 'Scheduled at'. Tick 'Scheduled at' and change the date to the Tuesday of that particular week and the time to 12.01 AM (for a posting just after midnight). Then CLICK PUBLISH - it won't publish then but will be scheduled. Do check first thing Tuesday morning to see this has happened (sometimes there are hiccups).  If you publish the post by accident before changing the date, it will remain published with the future date. If it's Monday evening anyway, you can either leave it like that OR go back to Edit the post and save it as a draft and start again. Schedule the date as above, press publish.
Go here for help with your blog. It includes how to add a gadget like the TP Quill. 

EDITOR information is on a separate page. 
Thank you!     Mary and Claire.

A fresh poem every Tuesday and that's just the start