Thanks to our committed Tuesday Poem follower and blogger Home Paddock, here are some historic snapshots of some of our Tuesday Poem weeks:

TUESDAY 16 May 2011
Push  by David Gregory was  Tuesday Poem’s featured poem last week.
Offerings from other poets linked from the sidebar included:
A Mothers Day Collage from Elizabeth Welsh
The Museum of Stones by Carolyn Forché
Love the Glove by Mary McCallum

TUESDAY 2 May 2011
The Hieroglyph Moth  by Pascale Petit was featured at Tuesday Poem last week.
Contributions from Tuesday poets linked in that blog’s sidebar include:
A reading of T.S. Eliot’s Hollow Men with images of World War I and a reading of another Eliot poem,  The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock, by the poet.
Three Roses by Timothy Cahill.
Midnight Pantoum by Saradha Koirala.
The Gazelle by Rainer Maria Rilke.
My Minion by Alicia Ponder.
Love in the Suburbs by Peter Lach Newinsky.
And a visual poem: Cut by Orchid Tierney,

TUESDAY 11 April 2011
The Tuesday poets have celebrated the first birthday of the Tuesday Poem blog with an unfolding communal poem for a birthday.
The poets explain:
We’re celebrating with a communal poem that will skip backwards and forwards across the world and between time zones over the coming week (NZ, Australia, UK, US), with the finished poem posted next Tuesday.
Our tag team of Tuesday Poets who live in the land of the sidebar (eyes right!) will add their lines to the unfolding poem at the rate of four or five entries a day until Sunday, and then the full poem will be up for a week.
The poets have also found time to publish other poems which are linked in the side bar.
Among them are:
Winning the Day by Catherine Bateson.
Us by James K Baxter.
Fresh Bread by Catherine Fitchett.
Spring is Here by Eileen Moeller.
Indian Summer by Ross Gillett.
The Second Wife by Chris Tse.
Indian Summer by

TUESDAY 15 March 2011
A week of it  by Dinah Hawken features as this week’s Tuesday Poem.
Poems chosen by other Tuesday poets linked in the side bar include:
How I find the time to write by Renée Liang.
After Brain Trauma by Orchid Tierney.
Tooth by Siobhan Harvey.
Saturn’s Riddle by Fiona Sampson.
Things by Fleur Adcock.
After the Funeral by Helen Lowe.
Perspective  by Alicia Ponder.
Autumn Day by Anna Livesey.
Through A Dream by Colin Webster-Watson.
Matsuo Basho by Matsuo Basho.
Vicarage Kids by Ruth Arnison.
Abseiling At the Ellice St Quarry by Laurice Gilbert.
 Martyrdom of Friend James by Catherine Bateson

TUESDAY 18 January 2011
This Tuesday’s poem is Last rescued Bird by T. Clear.
Other Tuesday poems include:
Mopani Worms by Claire Beynon
Black Dog by Sarah-Jane Barnett
Question by May Swenson
The Butcher by Elizabeth Welsh
Headache by Amy Brown
Here’s to a Little Rebirth by Eileen D. Moeller
Blessing by Greg O’Connell
After Reading Auden by Mary McCallum 
Ripple by Helen Heath
From the Inuit by Susan Landry
Putting In The Seed by Robert Frost
I Like My Own Poems by Jack Grapes
Time and Materials by Robert Hass
Haiku by Kobayashi Issa
The Ministry of Going In by Christine Paice
American Names by Stepehn Vincent Benét
Is It Possible by Melissa Shook