Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wild Daisies by Bub Bridger

If you love me
Bring me flowers
Wild daisies
Clutched in your fist
Like a torch
No orchids or roses
Or carnations
No florist's bow
Just daisies
Steal them
Risk your life for them
Up the sharp hills
In the teeth of the wind
If you love me
Bring me daisies
That I will cram
In a bright vase
And marvel at

by Bub Bridger (Ngati Kahungunu), "Up Here on the Hill", Mallinson Rendel, Wellington, 1989

Edited by Annabel Hawkins

Bub Bridger emerged on the poetry scene when she was 60 following a trip to Ireland; “I returned from New Zealand and I couldn’t get it down fast enough and I haven’t stopped”.

There is a stripped back lyricism in Bub’s words which I adore, or perhaps it is the sentiment of them that resonates with me the most. As though you hiked up some hill in the back blocks of Wellington alongside her, your breath heaving, and thought, ‘yes, it’s really as simple as this’.

It is easy to get caught up in the complexity of what we can say, as writers, wordsmiths, poets, people, whoever. I like what Bub has done with flowers, perhaps the simplest form of metaphorical expression, and used them as a vehicle to her heart. It really wants you to cut out any romantic bull**** doesn’t it.

I often wonder if this poem, which I first came across as a framed, hand-written note on my mother’s side table as a child, is what my own romantic endeavours measure against. A wild daisy or two. Don’t we all?
Bub Bridger

Today’s editor, Annabel Hawkins, is a full time media person and part-time writer in Wellington. She launched her debut poetry collection ‘This must be the place’ earlier this year, which was designed by friend and typographer Alice Clifford. She writes in all forms and posts regularly on her blog sparepencilsandscrappaper.blog.com.

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Saradha Koirala said...

I've always loved this poem! Thanks for posting it. I met Bub when I was quite young and was completely inspired by her.

Ben Hur said...

Yes, I've met Bub Bridger on a few occasions too and she was one of life's larger-than-life characters. Lovely poem, like Annabel says, it's lyrical and direct, spare and moving.

Kathleen Jones said...

A great choice, Annabel!

Helen Lowe said...

I love the sentiment--& can see the daisies in my mind's eye, crammed into their bright vase.

Helen McKinlay said...

simple and clear but with an eternal message

Michelle Elvy said...

'Yes, it's really as simple as that' -- love the poem and your commentary, Bel! Especially the personal note about how you first came across this poem, and how it has stayed with you. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

This is amazing poem, do check out my work too.

Brianna said...

I love this poem!!!

Trademark Lawyer said...

I like the idea of wild daisies being like a torch, shining a light on a situation, and bringing joy!

Astha Benevolent said...

Hi! loved your poem. Would you mind checking out my posts? http://somethinghappeningtome.blogspot.in/2015/10/believing.html