Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crossed Cultures by Renee Liang x Dylan Horrocks + Allan Xia

Due to sickness in our ranks (and a server issue), there was no official Tuesday Poem this week - at first - so I posted a link to something in our sidebar: a dynamic, thought-provoking, 'webcomic' of a poem by one of our Tuesday Poets - Renee Liang - blended with the work of comic artist Dylan Horrocks. The remix is by Allan Xia, and it won the literature award in the just-announced mix and mash competition.

This week's editor Catherine Bateson managed to post 'Curtains' after all but you may as well check out 'Crossed Cultures' anyway, it's rather good. 

HERE it is. 

Curator: Mary McCallum

1 comment:

susan t. landry said...

this is totally fabulous. and fun. and yet sad. and poignant. and yet real.

tuesday poem hits a home run even tho the designated hitter
was sidelined with an injury!


(i left this comment by mistake on the paper asylum site, too, thus spreading the word about TP even further afield...)